Moving In exhibition opening photos

Here are a few photos from our Moving In opening on the 4th December. Thanks to Phyllis Christopher for the amazing photos!

Our time at Northbourne was used to explore the qualities of what an artist can bring to these settings. We spent a lot of time discussing and trying out ideas that are inherently about working 'in the moment' - responding to and being led by people's personalities, circumstances and interests at the time we meet them. We are both motivated by the idea that the 'art' is situated 'in the moment' of connectivity. This residency gave us a chance to really reflect and expand upon this idea. The work in the exhibition is mainly presented as documentation that attests to those moments of connectivity and tells the story of the residency as well as becoming inspiration and source material for more work. The work unfolded over the days and weeks - we came in deliberately without a plan, ready to use just our eyes and other senses to begin.

Every piece in the exhibition has been made with the residents and staff here - editing, sticking, painting, thumb-printing, casting, talking, hammering! and we just want to say such a massive thank you to everyone for being involved and sharing your space and your creativity with us for the last 6 months. We both feel part of a community here now. Since the summer, we have been continuing coming to paint and sew with our friends and colleagues here. We are currently developing ideas with Amy for future work in this wonderful annexe space.